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We work with people who want to improve their performance. This can be performance on the bike or on 2-feet. It can be sport or challenge specific.


It can also be goal specific - maybe you want to hit that 'reset' button and gain knowledge on what to do to feel better, stronger, leaner and you want someone to guide you as you make changes. 

There's no prescribed off-the-shelf program with us because there is no-one quite like you! With us, you get the personal touch.

CONNECT with us today and let's get started.

Having decided to take on an ultra-endurance event at the start of 2021, I spent 5 months working under the watchful eye of Joe Barr. As a coach and mentor, working with Joe has been transformational in terms of the improvement in my overall cycling ability. I believe that he was the key ingredient in helping me cross the finish line, not just well within my target time, but in significantly better shape than any of my previous events over the years.

For anyone who has ambitions to take on their first endurance event, or for someone who simply wants to become a better cyclist, in my opinion Joe Barr is the coach that will make the difference. Highly recommended. 

Andy, Endurance Cyclist
From my 1st contact with Jillian I knew I was on a winner.  Jillian really made things really easy and simple to understand. She gave me confidence that I would not need to be constantly thinking about am I eating or drinking. She would always reply very swiftly if you had a question or a query which meant I could make adjustments in real time.
Working with Jillian has completely changed my performance on the bike and how to recover properly.  I can't recommend Jillian enough as she is so professional and a joy to work with.
Karol M.

I would  highly recommend Joe Barr and Jill Mooney.


I was a novice cyclist, busy working mum of three so my schedule was tight. I contacted them in January with the dream of completing an endurance cycle - Mizen to Malin in 24 hours - in June the same year. 


Firstly Joe designed a bespoke training plan for my ability, his knowledge about the body and cycling was exceptional. Joe is a good communicator, and provides fitness programs to keep you motivated. He is caring and knowledgeable. He provided a very non-judgemental fitness introduction, and listened to my feedback and adjusted my programme to suit my body.


Jill provided me with a nutritional plan to support my body during this training process. The food was wholesome, easy to make & delicious, Jill has an amazing ability to take feedback and construct a simple and effective plan to get maximum nutrition. I really enjoyed working with Jill, and on the race day my fuelling plan was straightforward and I completed this challenge smiling the whole way! My body did exactly what I had trained and nourished it to do!


Without a doubt I could not have accomplished my goal without Joe and Jill. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. With Jill and Joe on your team you can accomplish any goal.

Hilda M.

"My journey to my first endurance start line began when I was lucky enough to start working with Jillian on my performance nutrition. 
Jill's guidance, infectious positivity and down to earth style placed me on the right path to proper nutrition and kept me there. I can't recommend her highly enough."
Brian L.
I suffered from digestive discomfort my whole life and together with Jill we figured out which food and food substances were triggering discomfort. 
I'm so much more informed and aware of my body and know that to continue improving it's now basically down to me to care for me and to be ever vigilant with the foods I'm eating. 
I've learned to make the most delicious healthy snacks and meals for myself and my family.


Jill's energy and positivity shone through and seeped into me and I can say with confidence that anything worthwhile is worthwhile working on."  

A 77-year old ultra-cyclist with some nutritional restrictions, I consulted Jillian Mooney in the months leading up to my first 12-hour race.  We worked closely together for 4-5 months, fine-tuning my off-bike and on-bike nutrition.  Both her fine listening skills and her continuous research were enormously helpful to me. Now I am the national champion for this distance in the 75-79 age group.  You will find it a valuable pleasure to work with Jill.
Donna O.
I was looking for help with nutrition to help with endurance sport and with recovery and Jill is the ideal person for this with her experiences with Joe and his team. Jill has a real depth of knowledge in sports nutrition. Her bubbly personality immediately put me at ease and she is very easy to talk to.

It was made clear at the start that we could work together for as long as I wanted but that she would expect me to gain enough knowledge to be self-sufficient after a couple of months and that is exactly what has happened. 

The recipes that she shares have been real winners with my family and it makes sticking to the plan so much easier when the whole family can eat the same meals. 

Paul J.
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