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Season 2020 will see Team Joe Barr reaching further than ever before.
Our endurance journey began in 2009 and since then we have been honing our craft, using the lessons learned from each race and each season as fuel for future performances.
It’s been a long and transformational journey but in our core we know there's more.
We know we can continue to challenge the idea of what’s possible for one man and his team to achieve.
We invite you to #joinourjourney. Who knows, you may be inspired to reach a little further yourself.
TJB 2020 Season
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We’ll plant the seeds of our season in early February at Sebring 24hr.

Joe stormed though 483 miles in 2019 to win his age category. In 2020 is entry into that elite 500-mile club possible? We’ll find out but either way Joe’s focus will be to build SPEED.



We’ll nurture these seeds of speed in the 500-mile Race Across Italy, a race we know and love, a race that is the right environment for Joe to grow his CLIMBING on steep alpine ascents.

In 2017 Joe won his age category and placed 3rd overall. Will he be able to sustain enough power to place highly in 2020?



The 930-mile Race Across the West (RAW) in June will add two things to our season– heat, a welcome element in any growth cycle, but more importantly DISTANCE.


From California to Colorado Joe and team will work on combining the elements of speed, power and distance. If we get it right it will create an outstanding performance and it will set us up perfectly for August, the pinnacle of our 2020 season, Race Around Ireland.



Race Around Ireland occupies a very special place in Joe’s heart. It’s a race that Joe has won twice in 2009 and ten years later in 2018. In 2020 he will be 62 years old. Imagine if he could win a historic third time? We do….

This is the start line that will see Joe and team reach further than ever before.



November will see us round out the season at the 6-12-24hr Championship in Borrego Springs, USA. It’s a chance to lay down a 12-hr performance, which will complete our entry into the 2020 World Ultra-Cycling World Cup.


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