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Life lessons from the road
We are experienced in providing bespoke presentations, keynote speeches and workshops on a range of topics such as going the distance, performing under pressure, overcoming adversity and radical teamwork.

Joe Barr knows what it takes to go the distance. He lives his life with the audacity to consistently reach beyond. At 59, his appetite to discover what his true capabilities are, and how far he can really go, remains insatiable.

Going the distance is both an art and a science. Whether in business, personally or on a bike the core principles are the same. Joe and Team Joe Barr’s unique perspective and experience, communicated through a story-telling style, will motivate and equip the audience to rethink, redefine and challenge how far they can really go.


Building a world-class endurance team that can deliver on any distance takes a multitude of qualities - strategic planning and preparation, unwavering focus, innovative thinking, extreme belief, trust, an appreciation of the shared journey– to name just a few. Team Joe Barr has been honing these and other qualities over tens of thousands of miles.


We are experts in what it takes to build a team that can go further and deliver astounding performances in immensely challenging environments. Our experience and wisdom will inspire business teams to rethink what it takes to successfully navigate collective goals and cross the finish line stronger, wiser and more cohesive.


What is performance mind-set? How do you create it and how do you maintain it when faced with challenges, especially when you or your team are already weary from daily efforts? These are questions that every organisation, business leader and team grapples with. 


Over hundreds of thousands of miles, Joe Barr has explored the intricacies of what mind-set keeps him moving forward and what mind-set diminishes his performance. Much of that exploration has occurred in the dark hours and the discipline of learning to ride through the night or nights without sleep. Joe's ability to cultivate and maintain a performance mind-set is renowned in the global endurance community.


Jillian talks about performance mind-set from the perspective of her position in the team car. The team must perform under equally difficult conditions whilst supporting Joe's constant forward momentum over intense race miles. She provides insight and wisdom on collective performance mind-set that will help organisations and teams cope under pressure, develop awareness and avoid the pitfalls that are inevitable the further you travel.



Team Joe Barr's use of video and imagery complements a thoughtful yet entertaining presentation style. Your audience will feast on glorious and motivating images that will bring your themes to life.


For engagements tailored to your needs contact us


We know what it takes as a team to endure, go the distance, overcome, adapt and innovate, and are adept at sharing the lessons we've learned. 

Joe and JillSawel.jpg

Irish cycling legend Joe, takes centre stage. He is often joined by Jillian, 

who offers insightful perspectives on teamwork and performance.


We aim to leave our audiences inspired and motivated to explore what lies beyond their current capabilities.

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