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Ultra-endurance Athlete
Irish Cycling Legend

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Joe Barr has been racing bikes his whole life. He is a 1986 Commonwealth Games medalist and has amassed hundreds of medals and trophies in different cycling disciplines throughout a 46+ year time span.

He retired from a successful mainstream cycling career only to return to racing bikes in 2009, in the then emerging discipline of ultra-endurance, a response to his 6 month old son being diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. 

Moving through the cancer journey with his son taught Joe everything he needed to know about endurance. That, coupled with his passion for bikes has made him a top global competitor, competing and winning the world’s toughest ultra-endurance cycling races. 

Endurance cycling is about overcoming obstacles, it’s about finding a way to keep moving forward when everything says ‘stop’, it’s about radical teamwork and trust, mindset and adaptation. Does he fail at times? Of course he does, that’s an essential part of growth.

At 60 years old, Joe is still creating age defying performances. His lessons from the road are unforgettable, and as a speaker he is skilled in inspiring and motivating teams and businesses to overcome, to endure, to go further.



Performance Coach & Nutritionist,

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Jillian is a core member of Team Joe Barr and joins him on stage for a portion of each presentation.

She is both performance coach and performance nutritionist, blending her expertise in both fields to help Joe and team deliver astounding results.

After having a successful corporate career abroad, Jillian returned home to Ireland in 2017.  She is passionate about spending time with teams and organisations who want to improve performance, who want to tackle challenges with confidence, who need to adapt to rapidly changing environments and who have to find a way to go further with finite resources while delivering exceptional results.

She is a skilled speaker in her own right and offers insightful perspectives on teamwork and performance from her unique position in the crew car.


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We know what it takes as a team to endure, go the distance, overcome, adapt and innovate, and are adept at sharing the lessons we've learned. 

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Audiences everywhere resonate with universal themes such as going the distance, overcoming adversity, the

performance mindset etc.


We aim to leave our audiences inspired and motivated to explore what lies beyond their current capabilities.

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