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We want to inspire people to challenge what they think is possible by sharing our experience from the world of endurance.


Throughout his career Joe has been helped by countless people. We will always strive to go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need to go further with confidence.

Meticulous attention to detail in all areas means you can adapt quickly when the race goes pear-shaped, which it will. Trust us on that.

Once you roll off the start ramp trust yourself and your team above all. Together you can ride around, under, over or through most obstacles.

We live in a culture that values speed. In endurance it usually doesn’t matter how fast you are going. You will succeed if you can learn to keep moving forward.

You may share the road but not the destination. Respect the journey you are on, and respect the journey of your team. Endurance teaches different things to different people.

The road and the race will challenge you and will take you to difficult places. Your courage must be greater than your fear. 

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