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Team Joe Barr provides a unique opportunity to partner your brand with a highly respected, inspirational and proven brand that personifies performance, discipline, teamwork, achievement and endurance on the global sporting stage.

Team Joe Barr is formed around a core set of values that connects and bridges the world of endurance cycling and performance in daily activities.


Our mission? We want to inspire people to ‘go further’ with confidence.


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“Every pedal stroke counts because
it takes you further than before.”
Joe Barr

Team Joe Barr brings a full suite of social media feeds, with a daily reach of 150,000+ during most race conditions.

The team is skilled at delivering the highest quality live feeds, video, imagery and complete news packaging capable of engaging a wide audience.

Team Joe Barr is equipped to work with each race organiser to amplify exposure pre-, during and post–race. Often this results in social media reach increasing to 500,000+ per event.

Team Joe Barr is anticipating media reach to exceed 1 million per day during Race Across America given the profile of this event.


Outside of race conditions, Team Joe Barr continues to drive social media with a diverse array of content-rich posts designed to consistently engage and build our various audiences.

Content ranges from inspirational endurance insights that bridge into real world experience including tips on overcoming adversity and challenge, athletic training and health, nutrition and healthy eating tips, teamwork and performing under stress.

The diverse nature of Team Joe Barr’s content currently attracts various audiences including those seeking inspiration to go further in their own lives, those interested in performance and leadership, athletes, in particular, older athletes, active outdoor enthusiasts, etc.

Team Joe Barr’s primary audience is from Ireland, United Kingdom and United States.

“To compete in endurance, your courage must be greater than your fear.”
Joe Barr

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