You’ve got performance goals and you’re working hard to meet them.


You want to see just how good you can be. You’re investing your time in training, your money in equipment but this won’t matter unless you’re also investing in nutrition.


You need to fuel training. You need to provide specific building blocks so your body can adapt to your training load. You need to recover and then you need to go again.


Performance nutrition is critical if you want to go further and faster, if you want to complete an endurance race or race for a podium.


You’ll feel the difference in your performance and you’ll see the difference in your results.


Performance Nutrition Coaching Packages

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"Nutrition is a vital aspect of performance. Get it right, power and speed flow but get it wrong, it’s like being unplugged from your power source. You must understand how to fuel training & recovery and especially how to fuel for longer distances. It’s simple; if you want to be an endurance cyclist a nutrition plan is a non-negotiable."  
Joe Barr, WUCA 500 mile World Champion

Jillian Mooney is passionate about performance nutrition. As well as being the TJB Performance Nutritionist, she has worked with cyclists, both mainstream and endurance, for over 20 years. 


Her Bachelor degree is in Sport Studies and her Masters degree is in Nutrition. To add more to her client consults, in 2015 she became an Internationally Certified Life/Performance Coach.This makes all the difference when it comes to translating science into the challenges of everyday eating within a busy life.


While Jillian comes from Northern Ireland she has lived many years in Canada only returning home in 2016. Her work is conducted mainly via video link, enabling her to connect with clients from all over the world.

Contact Jillian to book a FREE 20 minute consultation by phone or video link to see if her performance nutrition coaching packages are right for you.

"Jillian completely overhauled my nutrition. I’m eating more than I ever have before but I’m leaner, stronger, faster and most importantly I understand how to fuel my performance and recovery both on and off the bike."
Andrew Agnew, Endurance Athlete and Cyclist

Jillian offers 2 different packages, each designed with unlimited access as you make nutritional change.


Coaching is usually delivered via video link, which means you can be at your kitchen table or your office desk.


The Starter month involves an initial consult lasting  1hr in which we discuss your nutrition goals and a personalised nutrition plan delivered within 3 days of your consult. You then get to ask as many questions or have as much contact as you need (that's right - unlimited contact) for a full month. We'll get through the initial nutrition changes together and have you up and on your way.

Follow up months are available, again with unlimited access, where we can discuss progress, tackle obstacles and make further changes or adjustments. Jillian will send an updated nutrition plan or additional tools to help you stay on track.


The 3-month package combines the Starter month plus 2 extra months of unlimited access.  Jillian will send updated nutrition plans or additional tools to help you stay on track if necessary.

This package is for those who are committed to making lasting nutritional change, reaching performance goals and who want to understand more about what kind of nutrition works for them. There will be ample time to experiment especially when it comes to finding the most effective methods of fuelling your performance.


Once your 3 months are complete you will have increased your nutrition knowledge significantly and you will performing at a higher level.


You are welcome at that point to move to a fully managed monthly program with unlimited access to Jillian for £50 per month.



Because Jillian works with such focus and accessibility during these monthly packages she limits her client base to 6 people at any one time. 


Contact Jillian to book your initial FREE consultation. If there are no available spaces you can request to be added to a waiting list for a small £20 fee which will be deducted from your total cost. 


Jillian has teamed up with Joe Barr. Together they will work with you to create a performance package that is tailored to your unique performance goal.


Let's talk, from there we'll decide how best to move forward. 

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