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10 things an endurance cyclist would love this Christmas?

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

This might be one of those blogs you forward to a specific family member or your partner or you might print it out and leave it surreptitiously on the kitchen table. If you're really smart, circle one or two of the get the drift...

Christmas is coming and that means long, cold, wet hours on the bike because all those endurance rides or races in the Spring depend on the mileage accumulated right now. And while all kinds of gifts are welcome, sometimes explaining what an endurance rider would love can be challenging.

So we thought we would list some of our favourite items in the hope that you discover some of them in your stocking or under the tree!

1. Muc-off Nanotube Chain Cleaner (NTC) and Nanotube Chain Lube

When you ride the miles we do in winter, having a durable, well protected chain that continues to drive well is critical. Protecting your chain will also protect the chain rings and sprockets. You can't find a better product that does all of this. It's worth every penny. Go to to order.

2. SOLE Moldable Insoles

Feet take a lot of punishment in endurance racing so alleviating discomfort is key. When your insole is moulded to your foot there are no abrasion points and the pressure is evenly distributed. This product is fantastic. You heat them in the oven, put them in your shoe, put them on and let gravity do the rest. Go to to order.

3. Castelli Neoprene Overshoes

I use Castelli Evo Overshoes because you get warmth, insulation and water resistance. It's easy to order them online or I bet if you go to your local bike shop you'll find a pair. You can never have too many. They get messy in winter and are constantly in the wash.

4. Powerhouse Bib Shorts

Your butt needs cushion, there's no other way to say that. You sit on a race saddle for any endurance distance you soon know the difference between cushion and a promise. Powerhouse Bib shorts with an antibacterial, multi-layered seamless pad is the Ferrari for your butt to sit in. Go to to order.

5. Super-record Campagnolo Chain

In my opinion the most cost-effective, quality chain made. We endurance riders go through chains quickly so adding another one to your stock is always welcome.

Go to to order.

6. Vittoria CX/CS Tubular Tires

Again in my opinion the best tire ever made for Irish roads (any road for that matter). They can be ordered on multiple sites. Make sure your gift giver knows the size you need. We use 23mm CX or 21mm CS. Can be ordered at

7. Assos Bonkaglove_Evo7 Winter Gloves

They have a rubber insert embedded in the thermal for extra protection from both wet and cold. Should be able to order online easily enough or go directly to

8. Powerhouse Thermal/Wet Jacket

I highly recommend this jacket. It's the best I have ever worn - both thermal and waterproof. I rode from Malin Head - Mizen Head - Malin Head wearing it and one base layer. Fantastic and so light to ride in. It is 90% Polyamide and 10% Polyurethane. Would be a terrific gift for any endurance cyclist. Connect with to order.


A tub of TRIFUEL will provide your endurance athlete with energy, electrolytes and branch chain amino acids. It's 3 in 1 which is why we love it. We like the Wildberry flavour for that bit of extra caffeine. Makes such a difference on those long rides with no coffee stop. Go to to order and don't forget to use the discount code JB200ff to get your 20% discount.

10. A Team Joe Barr Workshop or Nutrition package

We have a number of consulting packages (starting from £100 for nutrition), new workshops and even race events being developed for 2018. Check out our website by Dec 15th we will have everything listed.

We endurance cyclists are a rare breed and can't expect folks to know what to buy us.

I hope this list helps you avoid the socks or candles you really don't want or need!


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