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10 tips to make life easier in the crew car

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

We've travelled many miles as a team. Every race we come back with our wish-list - the things that might have made life just a wee bit easier.

They may seem simple but trust me as the crew get tired and the nights go by you'll be grateful for the following crew car's little comforts (in no particular order).

1. Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes - the bottle tops pick up all manner of splash-back from the road such as petrol or slurry. It's an efficient way to clean the bottle top every time it comes back in. You don't want the rider to get sick and I've seen that happen.

2. Permanent Markers - label boxes clearly, label clothing types, label, label, label in BIG letters. Your eyesight will deteriorate night over night.

3. Zip Lock bags of all sizes - as soon as you open a package of food put it in it's own zip lock bag. Food juices run and you must keep wet v dry food sealed and protected.

4. Bottle Rack - you will want to make a few bottles in advance so you always have one ready for the rider. Jill has 2 handy at all times. The full ones to the front and the clean empty bottles to the back.

5. Garbage Bags - it is truly amazing how much garbage a group of people can generate.

6. Hand Sanitiser - keep it accessible in every car door. Use frequently. You don't want to contribute to your rider or crew getting sick.

7. Non Slip Safety Mats - the ones that you put under rugs. Your electronics won't move around on the dash board. Trust me on this one.

8. Bike Stand - it's much easier to deal with any level of mechanics when the bike is stable.

9. Inverter - this allows you to use 240V requirement in the car.

10. Rider Wet Bag - at the first sign of rain the rider needs to have accessible clothing handy. Our wet bag lives in the front door compartment. Longer races - we have two.

We have so many more tips to share but that's enough for now.


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