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Clean Bike. Clear Mind.

Joe here - yes, I'm obsessed. I admit it.

I'm obsessed with training and racing on a clean bike. In weather like this, I clean my bike as required. That's a lot.

Let me be clear, I don't like cleaning it but I abhor even more training on a dirty, gritty bike.

Consider this, your bike translates all your effort into beautiful forward motion. It can't do that if it's grinding, clunking and jumping.

My very first sponsor, the late great Mr John Beattie, Managing Director, of Raleigh Ireland only asked one thing of me. He asked that I would take his bikes to the start line as if I had brought them from the showroom.

I've never broken that commitment and I've learned along the way that a clean bike creates an uncluttered mind for training and racing. No-one cleans my bike but me.

My Bike. My Mind.

Then there's the practical reality that all moving components will only perform to maximum capability if they are frictionless and clean. The only grit you want is the grit in your own resolve to get your training done.

Life simply moves better when the daily grind is washed away.


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