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'Inside the Workshop' -a NEW platform that takes you behind the scenes at TJB

Joe here - I'm excited about the growth of endurance cycling in Ireland and around the world. Every year, more races are launched and more people sign up to go further and then further again.

I've accumulated a treasure chest of knowledge over the years that can make your life on 2 wheels faster, smoother and more confident and I want to share it with you!

It's why we are launching a new platform, a facebook group called Inside the Workshop. It's for those of you who want more insight, more 'behind the scenes' race footage and more 'behind the scenes' training instruction.

Inside the Workshop will host lots of different kinds of information:

  • simple how-to videos. I'm a skilled mechanic as well as a rider so I'll be walking you through basic and complex tasks so you can do more at home.

  • performance nutrition tips. Jill will go deeper into the how-to's of fuelling that will build and sustain life on 2-feet and 2-wheels. She's already got the first couple planned.

  • behind the scenes race footage from a multitude of different races so you can see just how we keep the bike moving forward under pressure.

  • training day footage where we focus on specific techniques such as climbing or descending.

  • additional access to 2020 pre and post-race interviews with myself and team as we reach further and take on our most ambitious season yet.

  • VLOGs and BLOGs on specific topics like mind-set, sleep deprivation and anything else that polls high on what you're interested in.

  • crew craft. You'd be amazed at how much race-time can be saved by crew efficiency and simple innovation. Actually the same can be said for any team in any environment!

  • various product reviews and recommendations.

We want to make it interactive, informative, inclusive and fun but we can't create that without you so make you way over to our facebook page and hit the 'join' button.

The group is now open. The first 100 folks will be entered into a draw to win a gift basket from our title sponsor, White's Oats or a custom made Race Joe Barr race jersey by our silver sponsor, Powerhouse Clothing.

Here's hoping 2020 takes you further than ever before.


Looking for a motivational speaker for 2020? Check out our motivational speaking section and see what our clients have said about us. Contact jill@teamjoebarr for further details.

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