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Role Reversal at Team Joe Barr!

On Friday July 2nd Joe’s going racing but not on 2-wheels.

He’s doing something he hasn’t done before – he’s crewing which means someone else is pedaling and that someone is our very own team member, Eamonn Diver!

Reaching further is not just our tagline; it’s a lived philosophy of personal challenge.

What challenge or thing calls you to risk yourself a little? Scares you a bit?

For Eamonn that’s the Donegal 555. It’s aptly named, 555 non-stop kilometers and 5,875 meters of climbing.

In 2017, he started, rode 320 kilometers but did not finish.

In 2018 he signed up again but then crashed in the Wicklow 200. He’s got unfinished business with the 555 so he’ll be on that start line July 2nd to finish it and we’ll be right there with him.

The 555 is a spectacular route, it’s Donegal so it’s wild, severe, beautiful….

But the route is just the forum. Once Eamonn leaves the start line it’s his legs, mind, heart and lungs that will breath life and meaning into the story of his 555.

What’s it going to take to complete? When he arrives at the inevitable moment when the race asks, “Can you or can you not?” what will his answer be this time?

We're looking forward to finding out?

It’s going to be a whole new Team Joe Barr dynamic – Eamonn reaching further on the pedals and Joe providing attentive support in the service car. It’s a different kind of reach for Joe but one he and we are looking forward to. When it comes to understanding the race, the rider and the road there’s no one better person to guide and steward from start to finish.

I’ll be there to capture it all with race media and of course my first job will be to fuel Eamonn’s further.

He’s trained hard, brought a lot of dedication and carved time out of busy days to sweat and push. We’ve gone on training runs, worked on nutrition and looked at bike set-up.

We’re prepared.

And still, all the preparation in the world can’t protect against the race going pear shaped.

There’s a reason our tagline is ‘Reaching Further ‘and not ‘Getting Results.’

The real magic is in the very act of reaching….anything is possible when you reach…particularly that elusive finish line.

Eamonn, we hope the wind will be at your back on July 2nd-3rd.

Rest assured that your team will be.


If you're looking to reach further in your own performance then give us a shout at We are in the business of getting you to your finish line.

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