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The Dark Side of the Moon

2019 Race Across America winner, 60-69 age category

Joe here - a moment on the podium is exactly that, an exciting, uplifting, celebratory moment.

It's one you remember so when it comes your way, take it and live it out loud!

It's moments like these that reflect all the hard work, the dedication, the long and lonely hours of training, the endless inner-dialogue of self motivation and support.

For just that moment the light from the podium reflects and captures all the unseen effort.

Did you know that the moon can only be seen as a result of the sun's light reflecting off it? When the moon goes dark, it doesn't mean that it's not there, you just can't see it because it's position in the sky means that it cannot reflect light.

Performance is like that. So much of the time there is no podium to reflect all the effort.

But we know, those of us who set a goal, train, fall down, get up, achieve, overcome, find a way forward despite the obstacles....those of us who get disappointed but are willing to set our faces to the wind again and again...those of us who do not accept failure as a full stop......

...we know that performance is built on the dark side of the moon.

I am particularly thinking of my 2012 Race Across America experience, the one that nearly finished my endurance career. What followed could only be described as a dark time but season over season and year over year, continual effort applied in the direction of my goals built and shaped this 2019 race.

So this is to all of you who continue to apply effort in the direction of your goals and dreams on the dark side of the moon - you just keep the bike moving forward, there is a podium somewhere along the way but sometimes you may just have to stop to create your own.

So take a moment, lift up your arms and celebrate just how far you've come.


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