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Perfection is in small details


We are delighted to bring Spiegel Bike frames to the UK and Ireland. 


We know from experience just how important it is to ride and race on a bike that balances performance and comfort. Your bike determines your relationship with the road and your ability to create forward momentum. Spiegel Bikes delivers both at an affordable cost.


Joe’s first Spiegel experience was with the Diablo and what an experience that was. After building and a few short test runs he decided to challenge it under race conditions, the 738 non-stop miles of a point to point World Record in Ireland. Joe set a new World record and after 44 hours and 15 minutes Joe can attest to the sheer performance capability of a Spiegel bike frame.

Spiegel Bikes understands that while performance is dependant on speed, it does not have to come at the expense of comfort.


“Aggressive and lively. Descends beautifully at speed. Firmly in control of the ride while taking the sense of freedom to a new level. Comfortable enough to maintain a consistent race position day and night.” Joe Barr after 738 non-stop miles on a Diablo


Team Joe Barr is the sole distributor of Spiegel frames in the UK and  Ireland.

 Contact Joe at to talk through your needs and to get his help on which Spiegel frame is right for youYou can also talk to him about custom building your bike -  a service that Joe is offering exclusively for our Spiegel customers.

“Forward motion should always be efficient and comfortable. Racing – now that can be uncomfortable from a performance perspective but riding a bike should never be uncomfortable, even over great distances.” Joe Barr

Custom Build

For our Spiegel customers who want their new Spiegel delivered as a complete package Joe is offering a custom build option. 


A consultation with Joe will include:


  • Advice on choosing the bike frame and correct size best suited to fit and performance needs

  • Advice on choosing bike components with an awareness of balancing performance and budget

  • Agreed timeline for delivery to ensure expectations are met


At this point Joe will provide a quote for your custom build, which will include delivery. When the final price and timeline of your custom build is agreed full payment will be taken and your build will commence.


Once your Spiegel is available, Joe will accompany you (where possible) on your first ride so that final adjustments can be made. Only then will your bike be considered complete.


Joe will remain available for follow-up discussion and ongoing bike service as required.


To find out more CONTACT JOE

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