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What our clients say about us

"Team Joe Barr presented an engaging, exhilarating and inspiring keynote session that was extremely well received across all parts of the business as part of the NI Water quarterly wellbeing programme. Joe and Jill were relatable, honest, and shared motivational wisdom that can be applied to all of our personal and professional lives.

Feedback from staff at NI Water for the Team Joe Barr session was overwhelmingly positive and very interactive, and the co-ordinating of the event was professional and conscientiously conducted from day one. Many thanks Team Joe Barr."

Alison Sweeney

Organisational Development Partner, Health & Wellbeing Manager, NI Water


"I found your presentation to be truly inspirational and relevant to all that we are trying to achieve in the South Eastern and Social Health Trust.

The messages and themes you shared with us resonated deeply as we look ahead to our own professional and personal challenges."

Hugh McCaughey

Chief Executive, SE HSC Trust


“Joe has a rare ability to bring to life common themes like overcoming adversity, adapting to changing environments and performing under pressure. He speaks through the lens of a dad who had a child with cancer and a man who has learned to endure.

He is simply an inspirational human being.”

Len Forkas

Author, Leadership Consultant & Founder of Hopecam, Charity for Children with Cancer


"There was absolute engagement as Joe and Jillian gave us an insight into the possibilities of what can be achieved when the vision is set, the preparation is planned thoroughly, and the team is aligned with common goals.

This insight was inspiring and has very tangible applications in both a business and personal context, it will be a reference point for TLI Group going forward."

John Tuite

Managing Director, TLI Group


"Great day spent with Team Joe Barr at The Endurance Experience. From the most experienced cyclist in our group to the complete novices we all learned a lot throughout the day. Bike setup, bike handling, excellent nutrition advice on what to eat in and out of the saddle and general logistics, support crews and safety were all covered.

Joe, Jill & Alan really know what they are talking about and we are all much more confident and better equipped to take on our challenge in September.”

Niall Macklin

Acquisitions and Development Manager, Dalata Hotel Group plc


“Joe, ably supported by Jillian shared his experiences and life lessons as an endurance athlete while linking it to themes such as teamwork and overcoming adversity.

The presentation was supported by video and imagery that was both inspirational and motivational.

Engagement on the day and evaluation feedback was excellent.”

Owen Harkin

Chair, Healthcare Financial Management Association, NI



Team Joe Barr's use of video and imagery complements a thoughtful yet entertaining presentation style. Your audience will feast on glorious and motivating images that will bring your themes to life.


'Great motivational speaker.’


‘Presenters were inspiring and their approach was captivating.’


‘I could relate to what they were saying to both home and work life and if we could take that approach we definitely all would be in a better place.’


‘Interesting to hear Joe Barr tell his story in a manner that appeared to come from the heart and not a piece of paper.’

‘I thought the development day was excellent.  One of the best that I have attended.’


‘Really enjoyed the presentation and really loved the story telling aspect of it both professional and personal.’


‘Really felt empowered to achieve a lot of great things after it…….so hoping this motivation remains for a while.’


‘TeamJoeBarr’ were excellent. I really enjoyed the interplay between Joe and Jillian and how they showed both the importance of the various roles within the team based environment.  The use of videos, and their pitch and presentation were excellent.  They had me captivated throughout and I certainly connected with them throughout the entirety of their presentation.’

‘It was very inspirational and thought provoking listening to Joe & Jillian.’

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We know what it takes as a team to endure, go the distance, overcome, adapt and innovate, and are adept at sharing the lessons we've learned. 

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Audiences everywhere resonate with universal themes such as going the distance, overcoming adversity, the

performance mindset etc.

Joe and JillSawel.jpg

Irish cycling legend Joe, takes centre stage. He is often joined by Jillian, 

who offers insightful perspectives on teamwork and performance.

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