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This UCI-approved wheelset delivers incredible all-round performance.


It combines the advantages of an aerodynamic deep section rim with the lightness of a climbing wheel.

Wheel features include the aerodynamic active turbulator, the patented brake surface, DT Swiss 350 hubs in both front and rear and the 42mm rims handcrafted in 3K carbon.

This is a high performance, multi-function wheelset that stands the test of time and terrain.


If you are an ultra-cyclist or road racer looking for a best in class all-rounder, look no further.


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CONTACT JOE to talk through your needs and any questions you have. He will personally help you to decide which wheels are right for you.


The Squad 4.2 RACE  is a high-performance, all round wheel. 


With a rim depth of 42mm handcrafted in 3K carbon, it is designed for the rider who must perform on both mountainous and flat terrain. It is approved by the UCI for road racing


Safety on steep descents is ensured by the patented brake surface. The  DT-Swiss 350 hubs ensure high reliability in terms of mileage. An additional benefit is the asymmetrical rim profile of the rear wheel, which provides greater lateral stiffness during acceleration and braking. 


All XeNTiS wheels are available in either a tubular or tubeless-system.

Thanks to the tubeless-ready system, this clincher wheel can also be ridden tubeless.


Because of the special rim base the tyre fits exactly to the rim flange. 


Safety on steep descents is ensured by the high brake performance achieved by the patented brake surface.


The XeNTiS Squad 4.2 RACE is available in two colours and is compatible with Shimano / SRAM 10/11-Speed and Campagnolo 11/12-Speed. 

For your reference the data sheets for a sample of four wheels are below including tubeless/tubular, rim/disc brake and different colour profiles.

Squad 4.2 RACE tubeless ready rim brake (matt white)

Squad 4.2 RACE tubular ready rim brake (matt black)

Squad 4.2 RACE tubeless disc brake (matt white)

Squad 4.2 RACE tubular disc brake (matt white)

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