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The XeNTiS Squad 5.8 SL is especially designed for flat time trailing, however, it is also UCI-approved for road racing. 


This deep section 58mm rim is manufactured using only UD carbon. Its aerodynamic design includes the active wave turbulator which is superb at regulating air flow while minimising drag.

The combination of design and material choice has created a wheelset that enables the continuation of high levels of speed with reduced power output. A welcome result for any cyclist travelling distance against time.

The Squad 5.8 SL has a carbon front hub complimented by the DT Swiss 240 in the rear.


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CONTACT JOE to talk through your needs and any questions you have. He will personally help you to decide which wheels are right for you.


The Squad 5.8 SL, while designed for speed, is also approved by the UCI for road racing. 

The aerodynamic design combined with lightweight materials gives this wheelset an added advantage for speed over undulating terrain - a perfect complement for many challenging courses.

Like the entire SL line the 5.8's front wheel hub is a lightweight carbon, while the rear is the DT-Swiss 240. It's 58mm rim is manufactured using UD carbon.



All XeNTiS wheels are available in either a tubular or tubeless-system.

Thanks to the tubeless-ready system, this clincher wheel can also be ridden tubeless.


Because of the special rim base the tyre fits exactly to the rim flange. 


Safety on steep descents is ensured by the high brake performance, achieved by the patented brake surface.


The XeNTiS Squad 5.8 SL is available in two colours and is compatible with Shimano / SRAM 10/11-Speed and Campagnolo 11/12-Speed. 

For your reference the data sheets for a sample of two wheels are below including tubeless/tubular and different colour profiles.

Squad 5.8 SL tubeless ready rim brake (matt black)

Squad 5.8 SL tubular ready rim brake (matt black)

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