Joe Barr has a passion for push bikes; after all, he's been racing them for 43 of his 60 years. He reckons he has accumulated close to a million miles in his legs. Yep - it's safe to say that he is a walking encyclopedia on how to ride a bike over any distance.

“I'll stop racing when the road has nothing left to teach me.”

Joe Barr


In 1999 Joe retired from a professional career in mainstream cycling. Ten years later he was looking for an event that he could use as a fundraiser. Race Around Ireland, a 2250 kilometre world cup endurance race, caught his eye. He uttered the now infamous statement to his motorbike-riding friend Alan Hamilton, “maybe we could do that…worst case scenario…we could win.”


Turns out Joe did win that race beating the current World Champion in the process. From that moment onwards Team Joe Barr was born.


Alan has remained Joe's crew chief. It's a friendship that has endured tens of thousands of kilometres. Sometimes he wonders when the hell Joe will stop racing, neither one of them is getting any younger!


Since 2009 Team Joe Barr has been competing in the world’s toughest endurance races and have morphed from a band of merry misfits into one of the most experienced world endurance teams.


Together we have weathered some incredible storms, overcome immense obstacles, had some fantastic wins and failures but most importantly we have managed to have a laugh in the process.


At 60 Joe is in the best shape of his life. The crew may not be in the best shape of their lives but we do our best and if we are lucky enough to ride with Joe we feel extremely comfortable making him pull us along for as long as we want.


We look forward to sharing our stories and our expertise with you. Entering the world of endurance can be daunting but if you have an experienced crew alongside you…well, anything is possible.

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